Report a power cut

The quickest way to report a power cut is to do it online.

To make sure you are reconnected as quickly as possible, visit your local network operator’s website to report your power cut. You can find out who your local network operator is by entering your postcode below. Once you're on their website, look for the option to report a power cut.

Find your electricity network operator

Enter your postcode and press ‘Find’

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Prefer to call?

Going online is the quickest way to report a power cut and get updates. If you’re unable to report the power cut online, please call 105. It’s a free number and connects you to your local network operator in Great Britain.

Spotted something dangerous?

Sometimes power lines can be brought down in severe weather.


Keep as far away from the hazard as possible. Remember, electricity can 'jump' through the air.


If there is an immediate risk to life or someone is in danger, dial 999.


Keep other people as far away from the hazard as possible, but don’t put yourself in danger.


Contact the local electricity network operator immediately. Call 105 for free.