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Find out which local electricity network you’re connected to by entering your postcode. Visit your local network operator’s website to report a power cut and track updates when there’s a problem.

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How to prepare

Thanks to continued investment in the power networks, the number of power cuts has fallen since 2015. But power cuts can still happen, especially if cables and equipment become damaged. That’s why it’s important to make a plan and know what to do if you have a power cut.


Make a plan. Know what to do if you have a power cut or smell gas. Remember, gas boilers and hobs, heat pumps, internet and phones won’t work without power.


Check in with people who might need extra help. Help them sign up to the free Priority Services Register which can provide support. Make sure they know what to do if there's a power cut.


Share this information so friends and family can make a plan too.

How do I access extra help and support?

The Priority Services Register is a free service to help people who have additional needs. It’s available to customers in England, Scotland and Wales. You can sign up by contacting your local network operator or energy supplier.

Help and Support

Which power network am I connected to?

Electricity network operators are the companies that keep your home powered. They manage and maintain the underground cables, overhead wires and substations that bring electricity into your community. They’re different to your energy supplier.

There are several electricity network operators that cover different parts of Great Britain, powering our communities. Wherever you live in England, Scotland or Wales, calling 105 is free and will connect you with your local network operator. The quickest way to report a problem is to do it online. You can find out who your electricity network operator is by entering your postcode on our website or using the map.

Click or tap your region on the map to visit your electricity network operator's website.

Electricity network operators

These companies operate the electricity network in different regions across Great Britain. 

Independent electricity network operators

These companies operate smaller electricity networks in parts of the country.